Top Corner Shirts Fantasy Premier League

It's that time of the season again when the Premier League starts in England (though all leagues throughout the world are equally as important).

Top Corner Shirts is launching its second Fantasy Premier League where discounts for the manager of the month are up for grabs! As usual, it's free to enter and can be entered at any stage of the season although it might be difficult to win the league if you join later in the season.

The manager of the month will win a 10% discount code which can only be used once. The successful manager will be notified of the code.

The champion at the end of the season will be given a 20% discount code. 2nd place receives 15% and 3rd receives 11%. Keep an eye out on this page and social media for announcements on this.

To enter the league go to the official Fantasy Premier League website and pick and enter your team. You can also download the app which is called PL.

To enter the league go to the Leagues link on the computer. Click the Create and join new leagues. Click on the join a league link under Join an existing league. Next, click on join private league under Private leagues. Next, type in league code 0tfowa. You will then be part of the league.

For the phone app click on the Join FPL League option. Make sure that Private League option is selected. Type in the code 0tfowa into the Private league code box then click the Join a League button.

Good luck and please get in contact if you have any questions.