Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few questions that might come into your mind when viewing this website. If you have query that is not shown on this page then please go to the contact page and we will answer you as quickly as we can.

Are the shirts authentic?

​​All the shirts and track tops on this site are authentic. If there are any authentic reproduction items, such as the Tailored by Umbro and Adidas Originals ranges, then this will be specified in the item description. You would never see any cheap remakes of shirts that can often appear on ebay. Top Corner Shirts believe in giving customers the real deal.

Are the names, numbering and sleeve patches authentic or remakes?

​Yes. This is all 100% official. As said above, Top Corner Shirts believe in giving customers the real deal.

Can I get a refund or an exchange for what I bought from you?

​​If what you bought is in the same condition that it was posted to you in then you will receive a full refund. This includes no damage to tags on items that might be on a shirt or those wear shirts that are still in the bag being removed. We DO NOT refund items that have been damaged in transit. We could also exchange items but it could mean you paying more in terms of the difference or you getting back the difference.


Why is my shirt different in colour from what it looked like on the website?

Some images might have come out differently on the camera than how they look in real life. Each image has been taken to try to make shirts look like they do in the flesh. Some shirts might look different though. If this does happen to you then please get in touch.


Which payment methods do Top Corner Shirts accept

We accept PayPal in British Sterling (£GBP) only.

Which countries do Top Corner Shirts post to?

​​We will post to all countries except for Afghanistan, Iran, North Korea and South Sudan. Please bear in mind that it might take a bit longer for you to receive your item/s if you are in a country that is quite a distance away from Great Britain.

Why do you not offer standard postal deliveries?

Because of the chance that the item being lost in transit. Items being sent to addresses in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales will be sent by 1st class signed for delivery. Items outside of those four countries will be sent by international tracked and signed delivery.​ If you would like your item/s sent by another method then please send an email and you will be invoiced with the correct amount.


What is the sales tax in the shopping basket?

A 3.4% tax charge is included in all purchases to cover PayPal which charges 3.4% of the total sale cost. This not VAT tax. Please make sure that you put your shipping address when paying by PayPal as no one wants things being sent to the wrong address.


Would Top Corner Shirts be interested in buying any shirts?

This would be of interest. Just get in contact and we can discuss this and try to arrange something.​


There are images on this site that are not premitted to be used

Many apologies if this is the case. This is/was a human error with no offence or wish to break any copyright laws committed. If this happens please send an email to to ask for the image/s to be removed. This is the best way to get in contact and for this to be actioned quickly.


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