My Favourite Shirt - Part Eleven

Part Eleven of My Favourite Shirt has Jakob Laust Hviid answering questions about his 1998/99 FC København Home Shirt as well as answering other questions about shirts and his collection.

1998/99 FC København Home Shirt

Jakob chilling in his 1998/99 FC København Home Shirt

Why is this your favourite shirt? I have many favourite shirts to be honest. However, if I have to choose one, it would be the FC København (or FC Copenhagen) 98/99 home shirt. A beautiful shirt with red laces at the neckline that contrasts the look white and blue colours that are FCK’s primary colours. Other than that the fabric is embossed with FCK logos and a cool pattern that replicates that of a goal net. In all, I just think it’s a lovely shirt that screams 90’s football.

Any memories that come to you when you see it? Yes, indeed. Brian Laudrup returned to Denmark and the Superliga for half a year in the Spring of 1999 and this was the shirt he was wearing. The official print also accompanied the shirt beautifully. Unfortunately, finding a shirt with that print on the back is quite rare.

What kind of shirts do you look for when you buy? I’m a huge sucker for the mid to late 90’s shirts and also shirts from the beginning of the 00’s. In 2002, I think there was a huge shift in football shirt design – shirts were supposed to be more modern and slim fitting, which I’m not a huge fan of. Also, in recent years, we’ve seen a lot different kinds of shades of teams’ original colours as well as logos having that same shade on away kits. I think that’s a shame; I want the original standard colours and logos on my shirt.

Are there any particular shirts from a certain league or team that you like most? The 90’s Italian shirts are probably my favourite. I have a number of Italian shirts in my collection, including a Fiorentina 1998-99 home shirt. I’m still looking though. There were so many beautiful shirts from clubs like Parma, Sampdoria, Juventus, AC Milan, Fiorentina, etc.

I also search for shirts from the Austria Bundesliga. I’ve been to Austria many times as a kid and started following Salzburg. Austrian football shirts are not in as high a demand as those of Serie A, but that just means they are difficult to find.

Being a Dane surely the infamous shirts worn during the 1986 World Cup have to be fondly thought of? Do you own either of them? Unfortunately not. They are extremely difficult to find and if you find them they are – understandably – very expensive. I always look to make a good deal and therefore I normally don’t splash the cash on any shirt – especially not when we’re talking about £200-250 for a shirt. However, they’re shirts I would love to have in my collection, as well as the 1988-90, 1990-92 and EC 1992 shirts.

Which team/s do you like most or support? I’ve always supported my hometown team, Vejle Boldklub. I was always at the stadium as a kid, but my support kind of cooled off when they were relegated in the 2008-09 season. I thought, I’d invested so much of my time and I’d gotten nothing in return. So, you can’t really call me a hardcore supporter. However, I still check their games and sometimes go to the stadium.

Also, I’ve followed Salzburg for many years too. My first Salzburg shirt was the 2003-04 away with Austrian legend Heimo Pfeifenberger on the back. I still have the shirt and I sometimes take it out of my closet just to go down memory lane. This shirt is also from before the club was bought by Red Bull. I continued to support the team, but I’m not a huge fan of how Red Bull treated the fans and the club’s history. Therefore, I also have huge respect for the fans re-founding the original club, which today plays in the fourth-highest division in Austria.

Finally, I’ve also followed Tottenham for many years. I’ve been to the Lane many teams and I can’t wait to visit the stadium! Also, Tottenham has had some great designs over the years. Coming from Denmark, I have to point out the Hummel kits. They were absolutely amazing!

How about the current Danish team? Do you see a bright future for them? The Danish national team is a curious thing. Their lowest level is horrible, but their highest can make them challenge some of the biggest teams in the world. You don’t know what you’re gonna get, which was vividly shown in our latest match against Switzerland. We were behind 3-0, but in the last 10 minutes the team manages to score three goals.

Anyway, there a lots of talent in the team and if they can be more consistent, then we might see some surprises from this team in the coming years.

Are there any other shirts that you're looking to add to your collection? In general, I’m always scouting for an interesting design. In specifics, I’m looking for AEK Athens Kappa shirts, the Derby County 1995-96 home shirt, the Leeds United 1993-95 home shirt and the St. Etienne 1994-95 home shirt at the moment.

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