My Favourite Shirt - Part Fifteen

Part Fifteen of My Favourite Shirt has Ollie Shepherd from the podcast, Kitted Out, answering questions about his 1994-1995 Germany Home Shirt as well as other football questions and explaining about his podcast. Give it a listen.

199-1995 Germany Hoe Shirt

Ollie proudly wearing his 1994-1995 Germany Home Shirt. The first of his collection.

Why is this your favourite shirt? It was the first shirt I bought to properly kick start my collection. Being a Manchester City fan I had plenty of them however this was my first shirt that wasn’t City, even before England!

I remember scrolling through Classic Football Shirts during a boring lecture and seeing it and falling in love. I wasn’t born till 97 so missed the fantastic kits USA 94 had to provide however this design was glorious. Best use of my student loan!

Are there any happy or bad memories that come back to you when you see or think about this shirt? I think about my collection a lot which has sparked me to make an incredible poor documentary (private on YouTube so it doesn’t see the light of day) but also to start my podcast. I also wore it a lot in university which I have some good memories of.

I wore this at a village festival at the start of the 2018 World Cup and I remember being stopped by some Germans saying they loved the shirt. To this day I have no idea what they were doing at a small town in Cheshire!

Who was the best player to wear this shirt? I’ve been reading Tor! So I should know more but I’ve gone blank. *after quick google search* Jürgen Klinsmann. Purely for the celebration at Spurs!

And the worst? Do I count? I don’t want to call a player I never watched bad!

How do you rate the shirts of today compared to years gone by? I think it’s got better and better. Kit design isn’t as flamboyant as it used to be, the latest Germany kit was nice but could’ve done with colour rather than black and white. I’d love to see a modern take on the hurt but nothing will beat the original.

The DFB logo as a watermark spread throughout is a touch of genius, one of my favourite qualities of the shirt however it has to be the flag coloured elastic on the neck that steals the show for me!


You do a podcast for Kitted Out. Tell the readers more about this and how it’s going for you? So it’s a podcast on football shirts. Will that do?

Each episode I take an in-depth look into a different shirt to discuss almost everything there is to discuss about it from games it featured in to the impact it had off the pitch. I started the series discussing Cameroon’s one piece and since then I’ve covered racism, homophobia, sexism and I’m currently tackling a new issue however no spoilers!

This is going really well. I try to get 4 people on per episode to talk about something different. I have made some good friends through this and spoken to some incredible people that I’m still shocked I managed to get on!

I have plans for the future, to grow the podcast and have spin off shows. I have also degree in media (so I can work a DVD player) and have all the video producing kit so that’s my next venture, still early days yet but open to ideas!

So, who is the club that you support? I’m a pre-money Manchester City fan, having my first season ticket in 2004, admittedly, I had a Nintendo DS then so I made not sure how much watching there was! Due to family reasons I had to give it up before we started winning things, I missed AGUEROOOOOOO but have managed to get myself a season ticket again and have had one for 4 seasons now.

What was the first game you went to and what was the score? I believe it was against Aston Villa at the Etihad, then the City of Manchester Stadium.


I don’t recall the score but I remember there being some goals!

How did City do last season and what are your hopes for the coming season? I don’t think i could have asked for a better season, an unprecedented domestic treble and we got to see Bernardo Silva became the second coming of Christ!

I don’t think I can ask for an improvement can I? I think it’ll be tough, any slip up and it’ll be all I hear! I’m confident we’ll finish with silverware, I’m just not quite sure what yet! Premier League? Yeah, why not. Pep's our man.


Your best (who you support) 1-11 in your time supporting the club? I think you’d struggle fitting in anyone who isn’t in the squad already but I’m going to chuck in some players for sentimentality as they made me fall in love with the club.


Richards, Dunne, Kompany, Kolarov;

SWP, Bernardo, David Silva, KDB, Fernandinho;



I feel bad leaving out the likes of Džeko, Trevor Sinclair and Dickov as I love them all but I don’t think we’ll see anyone as good as Sergio when it comes to goal scoring!

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