My Favourite Shirt - Part Four

Part Four of 'My Favourite Shirt' has Tom Proctor discussing his favourite shirt as well as his collection of shirts and his true love in football.

Tom Baltimore Blast.jpg
Baltimore Blast Home Shirt 1983-84.jpg

Tom enjoying a quiet pint in his 1983/84 Baltimore Blast shirt on the left and the shirt outside of the pub on the right

Why is this your favourite shirt? Look at this shirt! It looks like a blooming Tequila Sunrise! The colours are fantastic and the detailing on it is second to none! Check out that collar. Delicious! What I look for in a shirt something that is a bit different from the norm, this shirt has it in has it doesn't it? Basically it ticks all the boxes.


How did you manage to find such a rarity? You've got to have a lot of patience. eBay has some wonderful shirts, but it's also like finding a needle in a haystack. So much of my free time is spent trawling through listings and most of the time it's pure garbage. Also save your searches and check regularly! Once in a while you'll get lucky, this is one of those times.

I understand that you have quite a number of MISL/NASL shirts in your collection. What is it that you love about shirts from this league and era? So, I love the absolute madness of the designs of the MISL and NASL. The 80's is a great time for shirt design all round, but the stuff being produced for the American leagues is brilliant. Colorado Caribous had chuffing tassels on their shirt for Pete’s sake. If you ever want to waste an hour have a trawl through it's the best.

NASL shirts are always crazy expensive, but sometimes MISL shirts are fairly reasonable, Cleveland Force shirts seem to always be on eBay (They had Darth Vader as their mascot).

Any shirts of any of the current MLS or NASL/MISL teams in your collection? I'm going to sound really weird here, but to limit how much of my income goes on shirts I have a strict 1970 - 1995 policy when buying them. So I don't own any newer MLS/NASL shirts. But, that Orlando Pirates Adidas throwback was incredible as is the Hard Rock Cafe sponsored Tampa Bay Rowdies.

Do you follow the US game at all? One of my good friends is a Toronto FC supporter so I feel that I live vicariously through him when it comes to the MLS. I don't really follow it religiously but it's always nice to hear about Wayne Rooney being drunk someplace isn't it?

Being from Sheffield who do you support? United, Wednesday or some other club? I am 100% Sheffield United. Up the Blades!

How have The Blades done this season and what's your expectations for the remainder of the season left? Oh my days! They are having a cracking season, Chris Wilder should be given the keys to the city. He's done wonders for that team. I feel pretty realistic about it all really, I’m enjoying the ride and I think we'll finish in the playoffs and get knocked out in the final. That's what normally happens to us.

What was the first game you went to and what was the score? My mum has been going to the games since she was 5 so I was inducted to going pretty early on. I remember being right bored and enjoying kicking a can around at the bottom of the kop more than watching the actual game.

The one that sticks in my head of the early days was when I went to my first away game. We played Luton and won 6-3. I couldn't believe we could score so many goals and that Luton had these weird boxes that looked a bit like holiday homes.

Anything else you're looking for to add to your colourful collection? Sheffield United 1986 is my white whale, it eludes me so. I’m also having a lovely time trying to collect some 80’s French kits. They have massive sponsors and I love them.

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