My Favourite Shirt - Part Nine

Part Eight of 'My Favourite Shirt' has Stephen Sinclair answering questions about his 1997/98 Juventus Home Shirt as well as other answering other questions.

1997/98 Juventus Home Shirt

The 1997/98 Juventus Home Shirt in both long and short sleeves

Why is this your favourite shirt? My love for Juve happened when they destroyed my team, Rangers in the '95 Champions League group stage. But this is my favourite Juventus shirt because of the detail within the top. Everything is just special, from the vented mesh sides to the silky feel of the material and the thick stitched kappa logo, with the club badge on the sleeve. Plus it’s their Centennial shirt as well.


A great shirt from around a time when Juve were arguably the best team in the world. Any particular matches or players that come to mind when you see it? Del Piero was my boyhood hero at that time. A Juventus Legend. I loved trying to emulate his free kicks while wearing this shirt. 



How do you compare the shirts of that era to what’s around today? You can’t compare them. Modern shirts are so overpriced, overhyped, plain and boring. 9/10 shirts are now sponsored by either gambling sites or corporations you’ve never heard of. Plus most modern kits these days are going back to the retro designs. Just look at the last World Cup kits. 


Juve are just one of the clubs that you admire. Any other clubs? Glasgow Rangers are my boyhood team and will always be number 1 to me. Juventus and Borussia Dortmund are my 2nd and 3rd teams that I love. 


How have each of these clubs done this season and what's your expectations for them for the remainder of the season left? Rangers are on their way back after their financial troubles. But look better these days but still a bit to go to get back to the glory days. Juventus are dominant in Serie A but again fail to go all the way in the Champions League. It looks like Dortmund have blown their chance to win the Bundesliga. Very disappointing season for them to drop the 10 point lead that they had over Bayern. 


What was the first game you went to and what was the score? My dad took me to my first game and it was Rangers vs Celtic Away at the old Parkhead stadium. 25th November 1990. Rangers won 2-1. They don’t come much bigger than that. 


Anything else you're looking for to add to your colourful collection? Haha. Too many to list. Serie A long sleeves are a must though.


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