My Favourite Shirt - Part Thirteen

Part Thirteen of 'My Favourite Shirt' has Adam McAlister answering questions about his 1994/95-1995/96 Manchester United Home Shirt as well as answering other questions about his footballing passion.

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Adam's 1994/95-1995/96 Manchester United Home Shirt with the famous shadow pattern of Old Trafford

Why is this your favourite shirt? The design is quite iconic and unique given the fact that Old Trafford is stitched into the design. The simplicity of the overall design, striking colour and sharp sponsor make an iconic and wonderful looking shirt for so many reasons.... simply stunning.
Are there any happy or bad memories that come back to you when you see or think about this shirt? My dad used to work for a firm in Manchester and came home one Friday night saying he had tickets for Manchester United vs Ipswich. Initially I was underwhelmed by the fixture, but it turned out they won 9-0 and is still their greatest ever victory.

Who was the best player who wore this shirt in your opinion? Andy Cole as he scored 5 on the day they beat Ipswich which kick started his career at United after a rocky start.
And the worst? I would have to say Terry Cooke simply because he didn't achieve his undoubted potential.

Although this Manchester United shirt is your favourite you don’t actually support them? Could you let the beautiful people out there know who is your actual team? I am actually an Everton fan. My dad grew up there and went as a kid so my allegiance lies with them, even though the other half of the family were pulling me towards United.


Did you ever get stick from anyone for wearing a United shirt despite being an Evertonian? Only off my dad and his side of the family. I felt obliged to wear a shirt that someone had bought for me, and often they were classy looking.

How would you sum up the season that’s just passed for The Toffees? Progressive. Silva has been working out his best team, the right formation and seemed to pull things together towards the end of the season. I am hopeful for this season if he can continue the good work, fingers crossed.

If you were to pick a combined best Everton-Manchester United 1-11 from your time watching football then what would it be?


Neville Southall

Tony Hibbert

Joleon Lescott

Steve Bruce

Denis Irwin

David Beckham

Thomas Gravesen

Paul Scholes

Steven Pienaar

Wayne Rooney

Mark Hughes

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