My Favourite Shirt - Part Twenty One

Part Twenty One of My Favourite Shirt has Duarte Bernardo answering questions about his 2006/07 Sporting Clube de Portugal Centenary Shirt as well as other questions about Sporting.


Duarte and his beloved 2006/07 Sporting Centenary Shirt

Why is this your favourite shirt? This is my favourite shirt simply because it marks the 100th year of my club and below the badge there are all past badges of Sporting.

Are there any happy or bad memories you have of it? Good and bad, but mostly bad. The bad memories are that we won nothing that year, we finished in second place, we lost to Porto in the semi finals of the Portuguese Cup, we didint qualify for Europa League, it was a weak year for sporting, the good ones are only, for me, the shirts of that year, this one and the Stromp one.


Who was the best player to wear this shirt? Liedson is a legend for Sporting. He is the foreign player with the most goals for SCP. When he left Sporting, many people cried. He was our top scorer and for many people our best forward ever.


And the worst player? Wender was just bad. 9 games 0 goals then he was sent back to Braga again.


How do you rate the shirts of today compared to years gone by? I think they are losing the beauty that the old shirts had, but there are some great shirts too now.

Why do you support Sporting? I support Sporting because I was born a Sportinguista. I've been associated since 5 days after I was born. I love Sporting more than anything.


What was the first game that you went to and what was the score? My first game was Sporting v Vitória Setúbal in 2012. We won 3-0 and my favourite ever Sporting player, (Ricky) van Wolfswinkel, scored two goals.

Sum up Sporting’s season before the current break due to the pandemic? This season is the worst ever in sporting history. In our history we've never lost so many games, we'd never lost against some teams before, we are 22 points away from first place, we are in 4th, the supporters are divided, the ultras and the young ones against the old ones. Ultras and young people are against the president and this direction, older people defend them because they didn't like the old president, Bruno Carvalho, which he was fired because of last year's attacks on the academy on which he is not even involved. Frederico Varandas (actual president) cut the relations with the two biggest ultras groups (Directivo Ultras XXI and Juventude Leonina). He has finished the protocols with theme, he doesn't let flags, megaphones, drums or any identification of the groups enter the stadium. This president is like a dictator and when someone is against him he just blocks that person from everything. Now, even some of older people are against him because of the €10 million contract for Rúben Amorim, our new coach that doesn't even have the complete certification of coaching. Sporting doesn't have money and we are falling and falling. In my opinion we need Bruno de Carvalho again. He already saved the club once, he can do it again!

Your best XI from your time supporting Leões? Vitor Damas, Jérémy Mathieu, Carlos Xavier, Beto, Hilário, Figo, Krasimir Balakov, Bruno Fernandes, Adrien Silva, Fernando Peyroteo and Liedson

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